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.they both turn to look at each other and said we thought u can help us with our sexual frustration...i said 3sum! They both said i let them ...n my soon as they walked in they began kissing and getting naked...i watch them lick suck and finger each other for afew mins while i stood at the door jerking off to them. Then one of them crawled towards me grabbed my hand and said stop thats our job thats why we pay u the visit from now on you will not touch ur cock it will be us who. “SAIF! WHAT HAPPENED!!?! What is this?!”“I don’t know! I woke up and found myself like this.”My wife held me, took me out and make me sit on the bed. She was also as much confused as I am. “You must wear something! You can’t sit here like this?” She said with lady instincts. She quickly took out a t-shirt and track pants of mine, when I used to be a man, from my wardrobe and gave it to me.I wore it over the towel, with a little effort. I felt my boobs stretching the t-shirt and changing its. When he and Mom went to your apartment to get things ready for the baby, they couldn’t believe how small it was. They didn’t want you to bring the baby back there, and since you refused to live at their place, well, we found this place and while the outside needs some work, the inside was great, and we fixed it up,’ Jason told her. Tears came to Melanie’s eyes and she bent down to hug Jason. ‘Wait till you see the baby’s room,’ Jason murmured, his eyes twinkling. Melanie straightened up and. Someone knocked the door and it was my mousi soumya. She was just 26 and was beautiful. I never had any feeling on her until i accidently touched her boobs when she was just about 2 fall on the watery floor and fell on my hands as i held her tightly.The rain got thin & she left .That night i lost my sleep.Next day when i visited her house she was staring @ me wid a different look which i never noticed before.She (soumya) was really hot wid those big milky boobs .She was fair wid curly hair.
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