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Jon was a gorgeous guy and I was being honest to myself when I thought that it would be fun to play with him. But the idea of Tom, Dave, Brandon and I...was more in my mind at that moment."Yes, for sure it is Jon. I just want to be true to Brandon. I love him, I really do." Oh, I could tell. You know, you two aren't exactly hiding that," he said. "At the breakfast this morning it was very evident that you and he had something very special. A couple of my friends sorta mentioned that." What!" Yea,. . what? Oh, dear God, what are they trying to do to me? Why? And where is my Paul... ?"Now, cheri, I will take you to your new room," Madame Leduc said, interrupting Janet's thoughts as she took a white robe from the foot of the bed and held it up for her to slip into.Slowly, Janet started to toss the covers back, then hesitated, remembering the short gown she wore was only hip-length, and the brown brute they had called Erabas was staring at her with wide, gleaming, hungry dark-eyes. Leduc. The kind you never see in real life, but occasionally see in paintings. I was afraid to breath for fear of breaking whatever wonderful spell was upon my life.She had asked me - as one of her fantasies - to wake her with my cock inside her. I took some lube from the nightstand and covered my cock with it. I then slowly mover her legs apart so she didn't wake, and knelt between her legs. Then I entered her without any warning. She loved it. Her back arched immediately to greet my cock and she. ‘Take your hands off of her,’ she heard Kadari say before a shot fired. She was being stuffed into another vehicle by s strong pair of arms and she couldn’t see the limo or Kadari. She couldn’t see if he had been shot…but she couldn’t hear him yelling anymore. Then she blacked out. When Ardress awakened, she thought she had dreamed everything. She was in an exquisite room with fresh flowers beside the bed and huge French doors that let in copious amounts of bright sunshine. She sat up,.
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