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Cindy said she had a great body and nice boobs as well. She then went on to tell me that they talked about a lot of stuff&hellip,.school, clothes, boy...and sex. She wanted to hear all about Cindys experiences and she listened intently to her as she told some of the things she had done. She said that she was telling her how I had let our friend David have sex with her and while she was telling her how it felt, she noticed Karens hands slowly rubbing her crotch. Karen told her that she doubted. I uneasily agreed it would be silly to rise to the provocation.Secretly though, I knew Mum was enjoying the attention, and I was very jealous but began secretly whacking off at night about it. Also, I noticed how she'd begun to dress much more sexily, even tartily, and would swing her hips more, on any day she was likely to pass by the gang. I always now neurotically plied her with questions about what happened, what they'd said etc, whenever she'd had to pass them on the lane without me. I'd. It was Brad that finally broke the silence. ‘I realize that you don’t know any better, but that sort of talk around military men can, and will, get your ass kicked. Did Steve say anything about enjoying that fight? Four of the guys here right now served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. They’ve been in battles and probably shot a few enemy combatants, as they’re called. I know I have. It’s not something men take any pleasure in. ‘Look at the wives of these guys. Look at Gwen and Amber. They’re. That was certainly the theme of his message to me." Yes ... but as I explained to him ... this is your project and your money and I wasn't about to interfere with the wishes of my partner." Yes ... well ... I don't think he liked that answer very much. However, I spent several hours with him today, explaining just how things were going to change. I don't think he's very happy with me right now, and I don't expect that will change in the near future. Perhaps you and I can have coffee tomorrow.
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