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It took a few minutes before one of them looked up at the sky to see a figure floating up there, but no matter how hard he looked all they could see w...s a blurry figure that seems to be constantly changing. All he could tell was that the figure seemed to be watching him and the people around him as they tried to get on their feet.As they finally all manage to get up they hear a voice, neither male nor female from high above their heads "Hello everyone, I know you all must be scared but there is. I hated being called that. I know I said some things I regret but still… he knew. I lit some incense and walked over to the tub. I slowly slid my feet under the light foam and tested the water. Satisfied. I tuned out the lights and slipped into the bath. I slowly lowered my body into the water and dipped my head back. Sighing I thought of Ramos. ‘He’s probably out racing right now…’ I said to no one as I played with the bubbles and un- dissolved crystals. I thought about how the ice in the wine. He had ‘his mind on his money, and his money on his mind.’ A crazy, risky business to be in.He smoked a little more to get rid of the feeling.Bianca noticed Reggie’s agitation, unbuckled his pants, and gave him a blow-job until he was relieved. Yes, crack and sex fit together in the small back room. He loved how Bianca swallowed, because it indicated that she would continue to love him just so long as the crack and the money came in. Without these two items, they would be addicts without a. I heard a rustling behind me and I needn't look. "I need to get home...", I held up a hand to silence her. Her prattle wasn't as important as what the city had to say, its roar deafening. The intended words were easy to judge, her husband would worry if she was missing much longer. I cared not.Attractive but stupid. I used her as the beast used all the souls that entered within its grasp. She served her purpose, for my pleasure alone, even while she thought differently. Even as I heard her.
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