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She felt like her mind and body were two seperate beings at this point. With great embarrassment, she noticed that the name-calling made her pussy dri... even more. She felt her inner thighs moistening. Unfortunately, he noticed too. His eyes widened for a second, but then an evil grin crossed his face. "Well I'll be. You're more of a whore than I thought. You like being called names, huh? What a dirty slut." She gulped. She felt the blood rush to engorge her clit. He slammed his finger into her. As I moved my hand away, my stiff cock leant away from my body pressing against Paul’s face. He let it slide towards his lips. In an instant he had my cock in his mouth.He was bobbing his head up and down on my cock, pulling me gently with his hands on my arse. We both are uncut with a good amount of foreskin. His mouth was only gently moving my foreskin so Paul pulled his right hand off my arse and took hold of my cock. He withdrew my foreskin and then began to suck just the head of my cock.. When that failed to get a response, he said sharply, “Eigis!”The demon’s orange ears pricked. He glanced up. “What is it, human?”“I refuse to hang around here for the next few days and watch you devour me. Slash me up instead. Make me bleed until I lose consciousness, and finish eating me up.” As the demon sniffed and promptly ignored his request, bending down to eat more, he added, “You said you hate noisy and flailing prey. Well, if you don’t kill me off quick, I’ll start screaming and. Now she was a pratt for when she had had enough, just wandering off on her own, which is what her head told her to do, she needed to be at home tucked up in bed.She cursed the fact she had worn heels as she never really walked well in them, but she still decided to walk home.Home was a good mile away, as she tottered across the main road and over the bridge, she thought how ridiculous she must look struggling to walk and wearing a dress which was now riding up as she moved.Maybe this wasn’t.
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