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Ben awoke first finding he was still half erect and still deep into her womb. A small puddle of drool pooled in her cleavage making him think he was ...ut for quite some time. He slowly got up and she tried to roll over but was stopped by her wrists binding. Ben smiled and retrieved his robe from the floor. He could not even remember taking it off. He looked at the clock and it was 9pm that meant he slept more than six hours with her. Damn he thought he had a lot to get done. He stuck his hand. Both Aunt Noelle and I are students here at State. Wesee each other pretty often around campus, though wedon’t have any classes together. She does have acouple of courses with Lynda, though, and that’s howshe happened to get delegated to give me the bad news.“I’m really sorry, Craig,” Noelle told me, afterpassing along the message. “Lynda is pretty, but she’salso kind of a bitch.” I just shrugged her off. Iknew it wasn’t her fault, but. Ana then fell back onto the bed and she grabbed the guy’s head, pushing it deeper into her crotch. She looked at me, while she cried in tears her shivering orgasm….As she panted she sat up and smiling at the stranger, she ordered him to lay on his back. Anita quickly straddled his lap and she grabbed the thick cockhead in her delicate hand, guiding it to her very hungry cunt.As she sat on him, both of them groaned at the same time.The black guy licked her hard nipples as Ana bounced up and down. She licked her lips at the bulbous, pink head. Watching it jerk in response to her actions. She could imagine dropping to her own knees, licking the entire thing with the flat of her tongue.“I see what your eyes are saying baby, but that’s not for now. Today I’m gonna fill you and fuck you until the only word you can remember is yes.”A shiver ran through her as she tried to look away. He ran a hand up and down his length then, pushing the pre-come to the tip and letting it dribble down slowly..
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