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" God that hurt. How the hell does any girl want to continue after that! We may have to quitHarold. I thought I was ready but I guess I am not cut out...for it like my auntie or Miss frynie." So you may be more like Miss Dot?" No, I am pretty sure she is still a virgin Harold. I have a slight edge toward being my own twenties woman." Harold? What did you do?" Sorry, you must have lossened up a bit. My piece twitched." That didn't hurt Harold! It actually felt -- interesting. Can you do some. My mind raced off. My husband? Was he serious? Is that why my father had not come? No, my father would not allow this. Was my mother behind it? I had known she wanted me wed but not like this!"You lie."He laughed."Does it matter? I have been assured of your virginity, the sons begotten on you will be mine. Thus you are mine. You will be my wife." He stated the last flatly.I started to back up, towards the bed, my thought was to put the largest piece of furniture between him and I.With. Why are you doing this to me? she asked breathing heavily and nervous still, shaky even as she hadnt a clue what was going on. Laughing, he looked to her and shook his head as he continued to laugh. Youll never know. he continued more until that of a slamming sound escaped from what sounded like above her and footsteps along stairs. It was then his laugh had ended. No more questions! No more talking! said a harsher, loud voice. Another man stepped forward, wearing the same mask and the same. I felt Jamal pause briefly, the tip of his big cock poised at my wet opening. Then I felt him press on forward entering me in one stroke which in turn drove the cock in my mouth down my throat. I gagged on the length of cock which just invaded uncharted regions of my throat and fought for air. Jamal did not let up. Nor did Ty. Jamal thrust his cock deep into my pussy like a wild man. Fucking me doggy style as I suck off his friend. Ty began to thrust his hips upward meeting my downward.
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