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Then just my warm breath before I whisper…’you are incredibly sexy…..’ I lick your lips to silence any response you try to make. You feel kiss...s and bites down your chest and feel my hand grab your thigh and start squeezing and brushing with my fingers. My tongue makes its way down to your belly button where I stop. You feel a quick jolt as a small ice cube drops into your navel. It sits there melting while for a brief second my hand traced up your inner thigh, stopping before you wanted it to.. "Bobby, smiling, was quick on his feet as he said, "Yes, almost wetmyself a couple of times. That's why I'm sitting up right now. I waslucky though that I woke just before it happened. Made it to thebathroom just in time!" Thought so. That's another thing that this virus is known for.Anyway, that's good that you are ok and don't worry if you wet yourselfor your bed. It's not like you can help it! Anyway, I'm going to behome in a few minutes after I get that juice and a few other. "I asked you last night, and you didn't tell me. It got real intense. Did I hurt you?" He asked as he wrapped her in a bath towel."Only in the best way." Leigh, it's the last thing on earth I would ever do. I'm a big man. I was a big man before I became a man. I have to be careful. I break things easily. And Minx you are so much smaller than me. I don't want to break you." I'm stronger than I look, Jason. Besides dynamite comes in small packages." Leigh said as she placed a kiss on his chest. Babs went round the bed carrying the breakfast beneath a gleaming lid. Setting the tray on Leanne's lap she whipped off the lid. "Here's your breakfast as ordered," she said with as serious a face as she could, "Enjoy it Mistress!"Leanne frowned and opened her eyes with a struggle. One look at the plate, combined with the fried smell was enough. More than enough. "Oh god," was all she said before throwing up onto the tray.Babs chuckled and said, "Aww doesn't Mistress want her brekkie?" Leanne.
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