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It was then that I had my first sniff of a woman’s pussy. It smelled so good and made me feel so good at the same time and as I sniffed harder and ...arder I found myself rubbing my cock through my pants until I eventually sat on the toilet pulled down my pants and jacked off as I smelled the crotch of her sexy full back satin panties. It had only been about a two min until I felt that I was close to orgasm and at the last moments before busting my load, I took the panties crotch and put it. She stuck one of her smooth legs out as the robe fell off her smooth shoulders onto the ground. Her shoulders glistened in the dim light, and she turned her neck to the side as she tested the water before she slowly got into the shower.Peehu faced the wall and swung her hips gently and softly as she dropped her body to the ground. She looked sideways into the camera and smiled sweetly as her eyes fell upon my throbbing cock.//Peehu: Oh God! That looks so good! I love it when guys watch me be. Soon, Mina begins to respond. Her body twitches and she rubs her tits on the sheets.Her bra moistens nicely. As she approaches orgasm, I stop. I roll her bra into a sausage and stuff it into her ass, clogging the bleeding. Mina jerks and yelps. She finally opens her eyes and looks to see what I'm doing. I smile at her. "Your ass is bleeding," I explain. She closes her eyes again and moans, shaking her head as if to say "unbelievable". It's very cute. Then she starts glaring at me again. I grin.. Seeing my expressions, she smiled and said, “Raj, are you a virgin?” I smiled and said, “Yes, Naina.”Naina smiled and said, “I like that.”My cock was already wet so now she started removing her dress. She was wearing a nice cup-shaped bra. My friend’s sister’s boobs were 34 in size, big enough for me to play with them. She told me that she liked it when someone played with her boobs.I was caressing her areola and was also sucking her nipples. Then I removed her shorts and pulled her panty..
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