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A fireplace crackled against the wall. The covers were turned back, and she could hear soft music lilting through the air. There were roses on the nig...tstand on either side of the bed, casting an intoxicating aroma into the room, which blended perfectly with his fragrance. He was standing too close and she could nearly feel the heat coming from him. He had removed his jacket and casually laid it across the chair in the sitting room. He had also removed his shoes and was sock footed. "I hope you. .. I mean, her pu ... how did that happen?”“She’s an anomaly,” Ted Michaels told them, “almost like a genetic mutant or something. She got her period when she was three, grew breasts and hair when she was four, got pregnant when she was four, and had the baby C-section when she was five.”“Who fucked her?”“Nobody ever found out,” Ted admitted. “This was in the days before genetic paternity tests. Some people suspected her father, because he was the man around her most, but there was never really. Finally able to move, I get behind Janet and work my thumbs under the waistband of her thong, pulling it over her hips and off. I am mesmerized as she continues to lick and suck my daughter’s pussy while I stare at the juices that were visible to me from behind. I say, “Janet, I am going to make you feel as good as you are making Steph feel.” I move in behind, and put my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading those cute little pussy lips apart so I could work my tongue inside. “You taste so fucking. I didn’t know.’ ‘Take it easy, Fred. She’d be really flattered by your interest. She likes to be admired and I know it sounds odd, but I rather feel proud when I see the look of admiration in the eyes of men and women.’ ‘Women?’ ‘Yes, most guys don’t appreciate even women like perving at a good looking or well constructed babe. But carry on, I guess you want one of my pix?’ ‘Yes – a shot of the jetboat roaring up Skipper’s Canyon with those Jap tourists waving at you in the helicopter. You were.
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