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So, getting started with the story, a long story, right away, I had just joined college. With all the fears a first year student is supposed to have, ...eeks rolled by and I was getting along quite comfortably. On weekends I use to call my friends in other places and spend some time with them on phone and catch up with their stories and life. One such friend was Rohini, we both studied together in our primary grades in an convent at a hill station. She is very good friend of mine, jovial and open. I had just gotten out of the hospital for a serious sports injury and still a bit high from the drugs. We were talking about life and somewhere randomly I bluntly blurted out “I like you, and your fricken hot.” I remember you laughing, still knowing I was dazed and confused from the anesthetics. “Thank you,” you said through your hysterical laughter. The next thing I knew you leaned in a kissed me. I pulled your head in and held you close to my body. I remember being thankful I couldn't feel. "‏How the fuck is it my fault‭?" Max asked."‏You brought that mangy dog into her life. The dog brought that dog trainer into her life, and now she wants to get rich. She fixed dinner for eight at my house last night, and did a brown bag breakfast run. She is going have a breakdown.‭" I said."‏Nah, Skeeter will keep her sane. That dog is like a bottle of Valium with fur.‭" Max said."‏Come on, you both are crazy where that dog is concerned.‭" I said."‏Think what you will, ‭" Max said following me. But there is a way aroundthis. One way is to set a magical gate up that would remove any spellfrom anyone who walked through it. Then you could walk through, and bythis indirect method you could be changed. You could have done this fromthe start, had you known."My mind was working at full speed as I grasped the implications. "Soyou're saying, that no man can enter this room, but possibly if a womanentered the room and then became a man..." That's right. Then he could lift the Orb, and as the.
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