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I step closer to the table, your eyes transfixed on my stiff hard cock. I bend my cock down, and you can feel it nuzzle against the lips of your pussy... Moving it up and down, The head of my cock begins to part the lips of your pussy opening its mouth.You gasp as I press into you, My cock pressing into your hot wet pussy.I feel the muscles of your pussy grasping at my cock, already beginning to milk it.Oh, I can see that this will not take long!!I press deeper into you until my stiff hard shard. know." I felt the noose not only slipping around my neck but begin tightened by the second. If I could have buried myself under the bed I would have. The thought occurred to me that if I did not let her know how I feel then I would explode. "I was wondering...if you are not...busy..." You are looking for a date??? How old do you think I am?" Ummmm...around 45 or so...I know you are a little older..." Sweetie, I am a lot older than you! Truth is I won't. Ann Marie melted into his arms. He started to grope her, but she pulled away. "You need a shower." I think that would be your fault," he snickered.They rolled out of bed, not bothering to cover up. He admired her body and her eyes never seemed to leave his. She went into the bathroom and started the water running while he opened the door just enough to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the handle."How do you like your showers?" she asked over her shoulder."Just like my women: hot!" He smacked. Pulling,squeezing it, she orgasmed.rubbing me between my thighs.i contd kissing her breast. Caressing her breasts. Kissing her nipple.’mmmm...aunt..Kim...” my fingers moved to her vagina. I twisted my finger up her vagina swirling her sweetness. Licking ... up and down. In and Circles.bouncing up her vagina.swivling my toungue high up her vagina wall in circles. I was circling up her wall with hot wet kisses .aunt Kim growled. Grinned.’Good my angel.’as I opened my legs and kissed her.
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