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Well, I guess I have a girlfriend, whether I like it or not. I couldn’t tell Monika that the gift was a mistake, especially not in front of her frie...ds and family. Plus her parents seemed to like me. Her father asked me to come watch sports on Sunday afternoons. How bad can having a girlfriend be?I walk through the front door after my work out and see Jenny walk out of the kitchen still in her pajamas. She stops and grins at me knowingly.“You bitch,” I growl as I start to run towards her. Jenny. I stopped only half in and looked down at her. Then after a little wiggle of her hips I felt her gently push against me and I felt myself slipping in again."Oh that is lovely I'm sorry for stopping you, it was I just panicked, I thought I was being split open but this is wonderful I feel so full. I can see why Dot was so sorry to leave. Keep going Duncan; fill me with all of your wonderful cock."I was now as deep as this position would allow, so I lifted her thighs and she lifted her legs a bit. Inexplicably, I began rubbing myself and tracing the outline of my puffy lips, as a squatted behind my car. This is crazy. I peeked over the fender and scanned the parking lot, hoping to see someone I knew. No luck. I slid back down into hiding and resumed my ministrations, working first one, then two fingers, into my steaming hole. The car next to mine clicked loudly as the owner unlocked it remotely. I prayed for the owner to be a woman but karma was against me. I popped up so just my eyes. It was right cause the next thing it knows is it felt something cold and glass like go up its ass. The slave knew right then that Master had done what He had once told slave He wanted to do and that was to get a purple wand. It wasn’t long before slave knew that Master was right about the electrical shock that it put out. At first it kind of hurt but after awhile of it, it actually got where it did feel good. The slave almost begged to cum but before it could Master had stopped with it. .
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