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He pulled down his trousers to reveal his own dick. Tears were streaming down Renay’s face, and I felt my own eyes water up as well. ’Shut the fuc... up,’ the man said and he brought his fist down on Renay’s face three times, and I could feel the impact from here. With every punch, I could hear Renay whimper. I felt so useless and helpless, unable to do anything. The man behind me started pulling harder as he put his knee in my back to push me forward. I was starting to lose consciousness, my. As it passes I realise how strong the scents of sweat and sex have become in the room, the humid air hanging heavy with my own musk but also the sharp scent of fear-sweat from my young lover.Holding the pins in my mouth I climb back onto the bed, running my hands down the outside of her legs and round the firm curve of her buttocks. My right hand continues round, running my flat palm over her open ass crack and up over her pussy, teasing the short hairs before reversing course, brushing her. " Dana waved the huge black dildo in Mandy's face." This right here can tear a young pussy apart. I know it's not too big for you right? I mean you did fuck Melvin right? His dick is nearly eleven inches." It's too thick." Terror made Mandy's already white skin seem paler. "What are you going to do with that?" First, I'm going to make you suck it. And then I'm going to fuck you up with it." No more, please, I beg of you." Bitch, you didn't say no when you were fucking my man now did. "Sandy said, "Frank, if we fail to make this happen you will pay a big price. Frank, if you don't support this fun your penalty will be severe. This is the penalty: Before you can be inside me again after the scheduled date of the party you will submit to me taking your ass cherry with a strap on. Now if you want to risk that, the deal is on." Sandy was a borderline dominatrix. In the past when we had made a deal like this one and I had lost she denied me sex for several weeks. That was bad.
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