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It was a small depiction of a three headed deity; the mark of the three headed God! In all the terror out of the dark years there was no curse that ca...ried such horror as the curse of the three headed God. It was a dark shadow of ancient times so terrible it was said to herald the end of civilisation and so dangerous that only a very few people in all the world were thought to know anything of it at all. Certainly this merchant could never have heard of it. There were only a handful of close. It was a few minutes past midnight, a Saturday night. The humming of the florescent lighting above over shadowed by the sound of jingling keys.“You’re a cruel girl you know that Val?” Nicholas continued.“Yeah I know.” Val responded with a grin, her soft delicate pink lips parting and exposing her perfect pearl white teeth.There was a metallic click from the apartment door unlocking and both man and woman proceeded inside.They entered a dark and narrow hallway. Nicholas closed the apartment door. The softness of Sasha’s tongue against her clit and then up in her cunt a little is so different than when Donald does this to her. She loves the feel of both but in a different way.Sasha doesn’t lick Emma too long, she does not want to push things. So, after just a moment she moves back, brings the cloth back and wipes the rest of Emma’s new wetness away.She helps Emma stand and allows her to put her panties on herself. Though she does do the clasp on Emma’s bra for her and zips her dress. 'I need to come now' she said 'and I don't need a wimp like you to do it for me' She spread her legs and once again started to rub her fingers over her smooth wet hairless pussy lips. As her fingers moved over her pussy I saw her lips stretch open and saw the sticky wetness within. As she pleasured herself in front of me one hand circled her clit while the other pinched her nipples and kneaded her tits. As she became more aroused Beth reached down underneath the chair and pulled out a large.
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